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Marriage Counselling – Separation/Divorce

Separation & Divorce Counselling

When couples decide that it is time to move on from a current relationship, there can be many things to consider. Divorce is well known as one of the most significant life stressors that any of us will ever deal with. The intense emotion of the events and discussions related to separation and divorce can make it almost impossible for a couple to navigate alone. Counselling may be an important consideration along the way to ensure that the process is as positive and functional as possible.

In many cases, Separating and Divorcing Couples will need to consider how to talk with children, extended family, and friends about what is happening along the way. What and how much to tell children? When and how to discuss with family and friends? How do other people do this? Who gets custody of the family pets? These are all questions that come up and are topics that can be facilitated by the skilled and experienced therapists at Jericho Counselling.

Relationships usually begin gradually, problems arise over time, and yet when we decide that ending a relation is imminent, many of us feel as though we need to move as quickly as possible. Separation and divorce are often more successful, for all concerned, when they unfold over months, not weeks. No one is happy to move through the process of ending or transitioning out of a marriage relationship. Slowing things down is one way to allow for the greatest likelihood of a good outcome with as little hurt and distress as possible, for everyone. It also increases the likelihood that there will be greater understanding of what happened along the way and helps to lay the foundation for future relationships on a more solid footing.

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