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Marriage Counselling – New Parents

Counselling for New Parents

Welcoming children to our marriages and relationships is a wonderful thing. We get excited about the new addition. We read everything we can about how to get ready to welcome the child to our family. And nothing in the world can actually prepare us for what it is like to make the adjustment from grown ups managing our own lives to being parents!

It can be very hard to talk to people in your life about the intense challenges that arise as parenthood becomes our new identity. Where we once navigated challenges with our partner with ease, we may find even the simplest of happenings almost impossible to discuss. Primary caregivers can feel overburdened by the day to day parenting. Parents who work outside the home for pay can feel shut out of all of the good stuff. All of us can feel resentful and wondering if we have made a big mistake and if there is any way for us to make up for all of our flaws.

Whether you are looking for a place to ‘vent’ about your fears and frustrations or somewhere to get feedback and coaching, Jericho Counselling has therapists who can help. Many of our counsellors have specific training and experience in working with parents and many bring their own experience of parenting into the room as one of the best training tools around. While we do not offer childcare onsite, clients are welcome to bring their small children into session, providing they feel as though the presence of their little one won’t be too much of a distraction. We also offer flexible evening and weekend appointments to make it easier to secure childcare, if you decide to carve out a bit of time for yourself when you meet at our office.

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