Jericho Counselling provides counselling services in Vancouver and Burnaby. Reach out to us today for help with anxiety, depression, marital challenges, anger management,

Jericho Counselling provides counselling services in Vancouver.
Reach out to us today for help with anxiety, depression, marital challenges, anger management,
addiction and more. Call us at 604 · JERICHO (537 · 4246).

We Can Help

From help managing anger, anxiety and addictions to support for relationship challenges and career development, we have a diverse team of experienced counsellors who are dedicated to helping people like you.
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How We're Different

From our convenient locations to offering appointments in multiple languages, find out how we’re committed to making counselling accessible to our clients.
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Schedule a Consultation

We offer new clients a complimentary consultation with a counsellor to help them make an informed choice.
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Meet Our Counsellors

Our experienced counsellors are here to help.
Learn more about our customizable counselling services.

The Right Fit for You

At Jericho Counselling, we have experience in a wide variety of problems and skilled, professional counsellors who come from diverse backgrounds. This means we can find the best match for you! And with a complimentary consultation, you can be assured of your choice before making a commitment.
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Counsellors Who Care

Jericho Counsellors really care about helping YOU. Our goal is to help you get on with your preferred life as quickly as possible. Whether you have a specific problem that can be solved in a few visits or more complex challenges that require a longer process, we will help.
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How We Can Help

Our experienced counsellors make it easy to get the help you need for whatever problems you are struggling with. We offer a range of fee options (from $80 – $180) and have conveniently located offices. Learn more about how we can help.
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Here When You Need Us

You have thought about it many times and now you are finally ready to start counselling. You want to talk to someone and book an appointment quickly. At Jericho Counselling, we answer our phones (9-5) and see clients six days a week, including evenings and Saturday. We are ready when you are.
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Typical Problems

Have you ever wondered what types of problems might typically bring people to counselling? Or what types of problems usually respond well to counselling and talk therapy?
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Happiness Guarantee

Learn more about our commitment to customer service and how we help our clients find the right counsellor for them.
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