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Statement of Privacy/Privacy Policy

Jericho Professional Counselling Services Inc. (doing business as Jericho Counselling) is committed to maintaining privacy for our clients, in accordance with applicable provincial and federal legislation, and with the highest levels of accountability and transparency, even as we aim to make it as easy as possible for clients to use technology to access information about us and our services. This Statement of Privacy applies to Jericho Counselling Clinic, as well as our website, and governs all manner of data collection and usage.


In order to deliver services to clients, Jericho Counselling collects personally identifiable information such as email address, name, phone numbers, etc., directly from clients. This information may be provided to us in a variety of formats, including electronic, oral, or in writing. In cases where information is collected from other sources we endeavour to ensure that client permission via informed consent has been secured.

Jericho Counselling also records phone conversations for quality assurance and training purposes.  These audio files are kept for a maximum of 30 days and all identifying information is removed from the information collected whenever possible and appropriate.


Personal information collected is solely for the purpose of providing services to clients, and to adhere to the legal and ethical obligations of the Counselling & Psychotherapy profession. Jericho Counselling does not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise make available to any outside party, any client information. The only exceptions to this would be when Jericho Counselling is aware of a risk of imminent harm to self or other, a risk of harm to a child (18 & under) or vulnerable adult.

Jericho Counselling may also disclose personal information without notice, in rare cases where such disclosure is necessary to comply with a legal order, or to protect the business assets of the company.

These exceptions are explained verbally to all counselling clients during our intake process.


At Jericho Counselling, clients always have the right to access their personal information and to determine whether or not to share their private information with anyone else. If a file is shared with others, as in the case of couples or family counselling, all members of the party must consent to any release of information, in writing. When clients wish to have access to their file, or to have the contents of their file shared with another party, Jericho Counselling is happy to comply as quickly and efficiently as possible, once the appropriate written permissions are obtained.


Any disposal of client information is undertaken with the highest standards of privacy in mind. At Jericho Counselling we are required by law to securely store client files for a period of at least seven (7) years after the most recent client contact, before confidentially disposing of the documents. Jericho Counselling is also vigilant about destroying any client payment information as soon as it is made clear that we no longer require these details. Clients are always able to revoke any payment related permissions at any time and Jericho Counselling will immediately and confidentially dispose of any such payment related information associated with a client file.


At Jericho Counselling we have a number of active tools that we use to ensure Client Privacy beyond the counsellor / client relationship. These tools include (but are not limited to) policies and procedures relating to onsite storage and security of paper files, limiting staff access to client information (physical and electronic), guidelines for transmission of client files (physical and electronic), training for staff on confidentiality and privacy, using only third party vendors who abide by all legal requirements for Client Privacy in Canada and British Columbia, and provision of this Privacy Policy to any client who requests it.


While Jericho Counselling takes all reasonable steps to secure and manage our clients’ privacy, it is essential that our clients consider protecting their own information. Please be thoughtful about protecting your email accounts and technology with high security passwords and to consider how the use of public internet connections (i.e., free, shared Wi-Fi) and other forms of shared technology may put your privacy at risk.


From time to time, there may be changes to our Privacy Policy, as we refine and update our knowledge of the topic. All such updates will be posted in the same location on our website.


As part of our ethical approach to providing services, Jericho Counselling has a designated Privacy Officer who is accountable for compliance with privacy legislation. Our Director of Clinical Services oversees all aspects of our Client Privacy policy. We welcome feedback, comments, and questions regarding our privacy policy. Please direct any inquiries to and we will endeavour to respond in a timely and cogent manner.
Should requests to resolve any concerns about Client Privacy not be sufficiently dealt with by Jericho Counselling, we will provide contact details for the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

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