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Marriage Counselling – Infidelity Issues

Marriage Counselling – Infidelity Issues

Infidelity can be one of the most painful challenges faced in intimate and marriage relationships. While infidelity has typically referred to sexual relationships that fall outside of the rules of monogamy, recently it has been extended to many more behaviours as a result of new technology. For example, we now have examples of “Facebook Cheating” where people will begin flirting on FB and then it grows into something that interferes with a primary relationship, even though there may have been no physical contact. This can also be true of ‘cyber’ dating, where the infidelity happens over email and webcam, but it no less painful than when it happens ‘the old fashioned way.’

The issue of infidelity in monogamous relationships is often confusing and upsetting to many parties,including children, extended families, and friends. Some couples will argue over the definition of ‘infidelity’ where one partner is certain that infidelity has occurred, while the other is equally adamant that no such transgression has happened. Regardless, there can be a lot of hurt on both sides and counselling can be helpful to create understanding and begin the process of healing and reconnecting.

Infidelity can bring attention to areas of the relationship that no longer work well for one or both partners and be a starting place to renegotiate the parameters of the union. While this is not the best way to begin these difficult conversations, infidelity can be used in a positive way to increase the focus on the importance of the relationship and to address issues that may have been long ignored.

Counsellors can facilitate therapeutic conversations that will allow couples to better understand what happened in the relationship to arrive at a place where infidelity occurred and to discuss and set goals for moving forward again. Counselling may also be a place where a couple will begin to understand that the relationship no longer holds the magic it once did and that it is time to move on.

At Jericho Counselling, our therapists are trained and experienced in these issues and are skilled at helping couples navigate these difficult times.

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