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Dawn Schooler, Director of Clinical Services

Dawn Schooler, Master of Arts in
Counselling Psychology

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Director of Clinical Services

Dawn is the Director of Clinical Services at Jericho Counselling Clinic. She has been working as a counsellor, coach, and teacher for more than 25 years, in addition to many years in management in the non-profit, social services sector. Since 2007, Dawn has made Jericho Counselling her solitary career focus and has grown the clinic into a resource that is well known and highly respected around the Lower Mainland. Jericho Counselling is a name known to thousands of people in the community and has come to be trusted as THE place to turn when you are feeling stuck in life and looking for professional, accountable, and results oriented counselling services. Dawn has been behind much of the growth and recognition achieved at Jericho Counselling.

Running a highly successful, ethically accountable, and trusted clinic requires the leadership and vision of a skilled professional. Dawn takes her position very seriously and makes it her primary mission to ensure that every client who takes a chance by calling, emailing, or visiting the Jericho Counselling offices, has the sense of being well taken care of in a professional environment. She knows how hard it is for people to reach out for counselling and is passionate about making counselling more accessible to everyone who wishes to begin / continue their journey. Above all else, Dawn is driven to reduce the stigma attached to counselling, to deliver outstanding counselling to the community, and the utmost in customer service to each and every client that contacts Jericho Counselling.

Dawn continues to work with a caseload of active clients but is no longer able to take on new clients. Additionally, she is very engaged with leading the Graduate Intern Counsellor program at the clinic and loves to be involved in growing the next generation of counsellors serving the community.

Please feel invited to contact Dawn at dawn@jerichocounselling.com if you have questions about anything related to the clinic. These questions may include how to get Jericho Counselling connected with your employer’s EAP (Employee Assistance Program), how to get assistance in changing your company benefits to include the services of Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC’s), special services to groups and companies, and any other concern that has you wondering if we can help.