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Counselling Therapy


Sometimes referred to as the “talking cure”, both Counselling and Psychotherapy are conversations between clients and counsellors. This is a collaborative endeavour in which clients discuss their concerns, problems, and current challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, couples, or family issues. It is a one-way relationship in which the needs of clients always come before the needs of the counsellor. Counsellors are responsible for designing an approach to working with clients that respects the clients’ experiences and instincts about what is right for them.

The goal of individual Counselling is to determine the Problem through the client’s eyes, formulate a vivid picture of a more preferred outcome, and then build solutions and strategies that will move the client closer to this reality.


There are different degrees to Counselling and Psychotherapy. Counselling tends to have a more “here and now” focus and may be quite brief. In fact, most people and most problems will see very positive results and changes with a commitment of three to six months of regular counselling. Other situations and clients may require significantly fewer counselling sessions to yield positive results.

Psychotherapy has traditionally focused on deeper, more historical problems that have been around for a greater length of time. These types of problems may require a more significant commitment of time and resources on the part of both Counsellor and Client.


Although the Counsellor is expected to have expertise on typical psychological health and development as well as how change occurs, Clients are considered to be the experts on their problems, their lives, and what works for them. The therapist’s job is to help the client better understand the choices available to them and begin considering new possibilities. Of course there are many techniques and methodologies that therapists draw from to help move clients past their “stuck” places. Although anxiety, depression, addiction and couples problems may be rooted in the past, therapy aims to help the client see how they are experiencing problems now and what a life with new possibilities may look like.


Regardless of whether you have a sense of needing Counselling or Therapy, the Jericho Counsellors have the training, skills, and experience to work with you. Whether you are seeking counselling for anxiety, depression, addiction, anger management, couples or family issues, our Counsellors will be transparent about their professional opinions about what they think would benefit you most and will work collaboratively with you to get the results you value.