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Some of the most challenging problems in relationships can relate to sex and sexuality.  While sexual intimacy can feel easy at times, it can also feel like one of the most daunting areas in our relationship.  Whether we have run into questions about our own bodies, concerns about addressing pieces of our history, fear of discrimination from family and community, or worries about fully connecting to our partners, almost everyone has struggled with the area of sexuality at some point in their lives.  Once you know that you need to talk about it, where do you turn for help?

At Jericho Counselling, our therapists are not ‘specialists’ in the area of sex therapy.  We are specialists at guiding helpful, open, direct conversations about all areas of sex and intimacy.  The goal of these conversations is to build solutions that lead to greater understanding and practical changes to life that improve our connections to self and to others.  Because sexuality is so multi-dimensional, we believe that a therapist who has a wide range of skill and counselling experience is best suited to helping address the problems related to sexuality and intimacy.

Most often, problems that show up around sex are about issues related to history, shame, intimacy, fear, or physical challenges, that resolve themselves, once they are allowed to be addressed and shared in a safe way.  Like many issues in marriages and relationships, the secrets we keep are the very things that ensure we will not have the deep connections we would like to have with our partners.

At Jericho Counselling, we take a holistic approach to sex counselling and therapy.  You may wish to make an individual counselling appointment to begin conversations about the areas of your sexual identity or expression that are getting in the way for you.  Or, you may start the process with couples counselling and open up to dialogue about improving your sexual relationships together.

As always, Jericho Counselling offers a free 30 minute consultation that allows you to get a feel for how we might be able to be helpful for you.  Sex Therapy might seem scary to even consider, but with our gentle, integrative approach to the problems, you will feel surprisingly relaxed and safe to tackle the challenges.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on this page, please email info@jerichocounselling.com or call 604.434.5727 and ask.  In most cases, we have a therapist at the clinic who can help.

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