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Infertility Counselling

Counselling to Cope with Fertility Challenges

It’s supposed to be simple, right?  You meet someone you love, you get married, and you start a family.  “It’s natural.”  “Anyone can do it.”  These are just some of the unhelpful thoughts and comments that we think and hear, every day.  And then, over time, you discover that it isn’t happening quite like you thought it would.  Perhaps it’s taking longer than you thought.  Maybe you can get pregnant, but you can’t stay pregnant.  Or any one of a number of other challenges that can come along as you launch into your plan to build the next stage of life that you have hoped for and dreamed about for forever.

At Jericho Counselling, we know the pain of wanting to start, or continue to build, your family, especially when things are not working out as you had planned.  Our counsellors are ready to help you deal with the pressures that arise out of trying to start a family, the challenges of fertility as we get older, and the isolation and emotion that can accompany the process.  If you are looking for support while you navigate the medical system, trying to make a decision about allocating your time and financial resources in relation to building your family, or in need of understanding and guidance about next steps for you, Jericho Counselling can help.

We will actively support you at whatever place you are in your process.  Maybe you need help with learning to say “No” to invitations to yet another ‘baby-centred’ event like a shower or a first birthday celebration.  Perhaps you are stuck in a pattern of self-blame or regret that is dragging you down.  Is it almost impossible to escape the habitual thoughts related to that one decision that altered your life forever?  How do you balance your wishes for the future, along with taking care of day to day life?

These are just some of the challenges that arise out of the realization that conception, pregnancy, and the arrival of a new baby are complex processes that we only become aware of, when things aren’t quite working seamlessly.  Counselling can make all the difference in the world as you try to cope with the isolation, depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges that can accompany a life focused on fertility.  Getting emotionally well will significantly increase the efficiency of any medical interventions on the horizon, in addition to making a difference in how you feel about yourself and your life along the way.

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