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Counselling for Women


Although women have many of the same problems as men do, some are unique. More importantly, women are socialized in our society in different ways than men and they can have gender specific needs in the counselling setting. In many cases, women may be more likely to turn inwards with their emotional difficulties, resulting in an increase in the frequency of depression, anxiety, and low self esteem or self confidence. These challenges respond very well to counselling or “talk therapy” and the Counsellors at Jericho Counselling Clinic all have experience assisting women with these issues.


Part of the solution lies in exploring the ways that these problems evolve within the context of our cultural communities, our families, and society at large, rather than seeing them as individual deficiencies. Therapeutic counselling relationships that are collaborative, respectful, and acknowledge the unique experiences and strengths of women yield the most effective results. Jericho Counsellors work with each client to understand her personal story, her strengths and challenges, and then build an individual treatment plan designed to facilitate healing and growth.

For some women, the one hour a week they spend in counselling is the only time that they carve out of their schedules that is just for them! Often women are socialized to help and care for others and forget to take care of themselves. The counsellors at Jericho Counselling Clinic understand this and are here to create an environment in which you can slow down, take time to discuss the personal issues that matter the most to you, and help you use your own unique strengths and resources to move your life in the direction you would prefer.