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Counselling for Men


Although many men seek counselling to help them with their career planning, or feel forced by others to deal with problems with addictions or relationship concerns, there is much misunderstanding around counselling for men. The counsellors at Jericho Counselling Clinic are trained and experienced in addressing the unique concerns of men in counselling. We use a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to a lot of the work that we do with clients and this has been proven to work very well with many of the issues that men typically bring to counselling.

Jericho Counsellors are also very aware of the unique challenges that many men experience as a result of the pressures and messages that society may bring forward. You can expect the counselling services at Jericho to be evidence based, goal oriented, and change focused. Whether you have concerns about Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Relationship struggles, or any other problem that is affecting your life, our Counsellors have the experience and training to assist you in generating new possibilities and strategies for achieving your goals.