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What is Anger Management

WHAT IS ANGER? – Anger Management Techniques

Anger is one of our most basic, primal emotions and it is often linked to survival. When humans feel threatened by situations we often respond with anger. This is why anger is often linked with what is known as the “Fight or Flight” response and it can be an essential survival tool. Anger can also be triggered by physical and emotional pain.


All too often we feel angry and we may not even know where that anger came from. Anger happens because we have had an experience that left us feeling afraid, disrespected, attacked, pressured, trapped, or offended. While we may not necessarily be aware of these initial feelings, if they are intense enough and perceived to be real threats, they may trigger the feeling of anger. Before we know it, we have labelled the entire emotional experience simply as “Anger” when in fact there was a feeling present before anger.